Samsung’s deleting ads that mocked Apple for not including a charger in the box

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Photo: Samsung (via 9to5Google)

Samsung has been caught deleting an ad that makes fun of Apple for not including a charging brick with the iPhone 12 — the same thing it’s rumored to be doing with its Galaxy S21 phones. The Facebook post was made by Samsung Caribbean back in October, and it had a picture of a charging brick with the caption “Included with your Galaxy” (via 9to5Google).

Photo: Samsung (via 9to5Google)

The Facebook post that has now been deleted, adding even more fuel to the rumors that Samsung won’t be including a charger with its upcoming phones.

This isn’t the first time Samsung has deleted ads after adopting the same practice it previously mocked Apple for. Back when the Galaxy Note 10 launched without a headphone jack,…

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