Raising Chatbots: Is the Solution Apparent?

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Imagine you have a young bright child (I’m sure those of you with children already do). You hope they will broaden their experience by talking to people and learning new things. They will learn quickly. And they can apply what they’ve learned to future conversations getting better and learning more all the time. How do you help them learn? What is the best way for them to gain the knowledge that will make them a better person. How do you help them grow into a person you can be proud of?

Perhaps you could go to the center of your city, to the municipal park. And just in case it wasn’t obvious from their childlike countenance you could pin a sign on your child saying something like “Gullible Innocent Being”. Then you instruct your child to talk with any and all the people that approach and of course you tell your child to learn what they teach you. Finally you set your child down on the bench where some other diverse people are gathered, then you leave. Perhaps you look back and see their smiling innocent face just before you turn the corner and leave the park. What could go wrong?