Quick Primer to Single Page Applications (SPA) and Tracking SPA pages

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SPA relies on the HTML 5 History API. Using mPulse’s SPA settings, we can track the soft-navigation. Soft-navigation is when the URL changes on the browser but it doesn’t actually re-load the entire page.

I was trying to understand how Single Page Applications work and came across the article Using the HTML5 History API by CSS-Tricks. In this excellent article, they explain the concept of the HTML5 history API. Normally, when you navigate from one URL to another, the browser reloads the whole page. However, you may want to change certain parts of the page and not reload the entire page. This could be accomplished by using AJAX requests. However, if you just use AJAX, the URL of the page remains the same. So if you need to share this specific view, there is no way to do so. That is where the History API comes in.