Quarantine is no excuse to look like a caveman. These 10 items will make you presentable again.

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We get it. You don’t have to go to the office anymore. That’s no excuse for letting your grooming go positively feral.

We’re not saying you need to be GQ cover model-ready every Monday through Friday. But at least put in some effort to keep yourself relatively trimmed, clean, and on point. Even if you aren’t representing on Zoom calls, there are at least people in your day to day life that deserve to see you trying, right?

To help, we’ve pulled together 10 different shavers and personal groomers, each at savings of up to 66 percent off, that tell everyone that, yes, you haven’t given up and you’re still fighting the good fight. Trust us…everyone will thank you for it.

The Cut Buddy: Beard-Shaping & Hair-Trimming Guide – $11.99; originally $14

Trimming your own beard and hair can get pretty scary, but this Shark Tank winning tool is all about perfectly trimming and shaping your various hairlines. Whether its beard contouring or mustache styling, this hair stencil keeps all the lines firm and clean top to bottom.

Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer – $13.99; originally $41

The nose and ear hair have to go…so the durable, sharp steel blades in this clipper shear down those unsightly hairs, while the micro-vacuum inside casually pulls all the clippings into an easy to clean chamber for disposal. It also won’t irritate your skin or feel like hairs are being plucked because…ouch.

Modrn Man 2-Step Cosmetic Systems – $26.95; originally $37

You might be getting older, but with this anti-aging solution, you at least don’t have to look it. Read the rest