This insane, gruesome sculpture brings ‘Doom’ to life

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Jason Hite has been in love with Doom since 1993. And in 2004 he decided to create a tribute in the best way he knows how: a wonderfully dark and disturbing sculpture.

It all started when Hite received a miniature figure of the iconic cyberdemon enemy from the game. After he finished painting it, he couldn’t quite stop himself from making something bigger. “I wanted to build an environment for the little evil cyborg,” he says. Since 2004 he’s been collecting circuit boards and Doom figures…

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Civilization: Beyond Earth Review – Much More Than Just Civilization In Space

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CivBE_Screenshot_Harmony_MindflowerEndgame The Civilization series has repeatedly roped me in for disappearances that span hours and even days, and the newest instalment, Civilization: Beyond Earth continues that storied tradition. The civilization building and management simulation keeps a lot of what has worked about the series, and adds substantial new gameplay elements – this is no warmed-over expansion with some sci-fi… Read More

Disrupt London Finalist Photomath Rockets To The Top Of The App Store

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photomath Have you tried Photomath yet? It’s brilliant. It’s a camera app that solves math equations. Just point and solve. The company launched the app earlier this week at Disrupt London, and yesterday, unseated Facebook Message to become the top free on the App Store. The app works in real time and displays the answer to an equation in an augmented reality layer. Click a button to have… Read More

Jostle Raises $2M For Its Intranet Platform

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google-apps-devices If you have ever worked for a large corporation, then you have probably seen how outdated some of the intranet platforms on the market today are. the Vancouver-based startup Jostle wants to put a fresh face on intranet software. The service aims to make it easier for companies to publish news stories and announcements, host online discussions and share other… Read More

How NOT to Solder Headers on a Board

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There are two basic strategies in teaching:

Teach and show how things should be done.
Teach and show how things should NOT be done.

I usually do the first method. But there is a lot of value in the second method too!

When I asked all student groups to solder the headers on the Freescale FRDM-KL25Z board, I received one report that the board does not work any more. A quick inspection of…

Validate Configuration on Startup

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Do you remember that time when you spent a whole day trying to fix a problem, only to realize that you have mistyped a configuration setting? Yes. And it was not just one time.

Avoiding that is not trivial, as not only you, but also the frameworks that you use should take care. But let me outline my suggestion.

Always validate your configuration on startup of your application. This involves…

Christian Bale to play Steve Jobs in upcoming biopic

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Christian Bale will star as late Apple CEO Steve Jobs in the upcoming biopic from director Danny Boyle. Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin confirmed the decision in an upcoming interview with Bloomberg Television today, adding that the Oscar-winning actor didn’t even have to audition for the role.

“We needed the best actor on the board in a certain age range and that’s Chris Bale,” Sorkin said. “He didn’t have to audition. Well, there was a meeting.”

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Early Stage Investor Version One Ventures Closes $35M Second Fund

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Boris-Wertz-2 The Vancouver-based early stage investment fund Version One Ventures, led by founder and current Andreessen Horowitz board partner Boris Wertz, has closed its second fund of $35 million today. The venture firm, which also has offices in Palo Alto, secured the funding from Northleaf Venture Catalyst Fund, a recently created Canadian ‘fund-of-funds,’ and BDC Capital, as well as… Read More

Benchmarked – Civilization: Beyond Earth

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One of the longest running gaming franchises around, the Civilization series goes all the way back to my high school years. There have been many changes along the way, but the core turn-based strategy gameplay remains. With this latest release, Civilization once again heads beyond the confines of our planet. What sort of hardware does it require to run the game, and does this fifth Mantle enabled title add anything new to the mix? That’s what we’re here to find out.

Google’s DeepMind Acqui-Hires Two AI Teams In The UK, Partners With Oxford

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oxford Earlier this year Google acquired DeepMind in the UK to expand the work that it is doing in artificial intelligence, and today the company announced that it is making some more significant moves to build this out even further.
It is acqui-hiring the two academic teams of founders, seven people in all, behind Dark Blue Labs and Vision Factory, two deep learning startups, and it is also… Read More

Zuckerberg Speaks Chinese, Internet Soils Itself

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Fireside Chat With Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg may only own one hoodie, as far as we can tell, but he is multilingual. The Facebook founder was interviewed at business school Tsinghua University today and answered all questions in Mandarin, to the delight of the audience and the relief of Renee Zellweger, who is probably happy that the Internet now has something to talk about besides her face. Read More

Watch the world’s rhythms compared with the aid of simple circles

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Pizza, good movies, and great music are just some of the things that make the world go round. Over at TED-Ed, John Varney explains how rhythm can literally be perceived as a circular concept, as opposed to the traditional left-to-right format we’re accustomed to. The five-minute animation beautifully describes what Varney calls the “wheel method” of tracing rhythm, while showing the relationships between musical forms across the world. It’s a surprisingly easy watch, even for those who lack background in the subject matter.

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