Do Software Engineers Get Enough Respect?

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humans_respect “For software engineers, life must seem like it keeps getting better,” cheerleads CNet. Glassdoor agrees: our median salary is now $85K, and six figures in San Francisco. And everyone predicts that demand for our talents is skyrocketing. So what is one to make of a recent claim that, as a class, we are downtrodden, disrespected, and disenfranchised? …Actually, the guy kind of… Read More

Yes, Rapportive Is All #$%@ed Up Right Now

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rapportive-angled It was bad enough that LinkedIn bought the incredibly useful Gmail widget maker Rapportive, which offers a lightweight CRM tool that shows your contacts’ social accounts and recent updates, then proceeded to rip out the functionality that made the thing popular in the first place. But now, they’ve somehow managed to make the widget even worse. As in, it doesn’t even work… Read More

See the evolution of texting and the internet on film

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Digital communications can be a storyteller’s nightmare: they mean that everyone is constantly connected and that action increasingly happens on a screen, rather than between two actors. No one’s really figured out a perfect way of dealing with that yet — depictions of the internet on film are often fairly hokey, and cutting to a text message on a phone only serves to slow down the action. So what’s a director to do? In the latest in his film analysis series Every Frame a PaintingTony Zhou takes a look at how filmmakers are slowly beginning to handle text messages and the web better and better. After years and years, Sherlock may just have nailed the text message… but it seems that the web is still anyone’s game.

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New trailers: ‘Rudderless,’ ‘Mortdecai,’ ‘The Canal,’ ‘Better Call Saul,’ and ‘Revenge of the Green Dragons’

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The summer movie season may be winding down, but there are still some huge new titles in theaters this weekend, including The Giver and The Expendables 3. As usual, what’s coming to theaters in the next few months looks quite a bit different, from more emotional stories to far spookier ones for this October. We’ve rounded up five of this week’s best new trailers below so that you can take a look at what’s coming up in the not-too-distant future.

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Windows 9 preview expected next month

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Microsoft is expected to deliver an early preview version of Windows Threshold next month, the codename for what will likely be named Windows 9. The software maker has been gradually working on the release over the past several months, adding and tweaking features ready for a “technology preview” release to the public. Microsoft has been sharing early builds of Threshold to close OEMs and partners, and ZDNet reports that a public preview is expected next month or early October.

The Windows 9 preview will be similar to how Microsoft first let developers test Windows 8, with features not fully complete or missing. ZDNet claims updates will be pushed to users who install the preview on an automatic basis, meaning the release will change…

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From Google to Lenovo: the ups and downs of Motorola’s last three years

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On August 15th, 2011, Google revealed that it would be purchasing Motorola Mobility, which was formerly in charge of the eponymous corporation’s cellular phone division. One of the major reasons motivating the acquisition was Google’s desire to pick up Motorola’s library of patents. In a blog post, Google CEO Larry Page wrote that the move would “better protect Android from anti-competitive threats from Microsoft, Apple, and other companies.”

The decision would later prove problematic. It…

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GoGoVan Raises $6.5M Series A To Expand In Asia

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GoGoVan Hong Kong-based GoGoVan, an app that connects van drivers and users for on-demand delivery services, announced today that it has completed a $6.5 million Series A led by Centurion Private Equity. The company, which launched in July 2013 and currently has access to 18,000 registered commercial vehicles, plans to use the funding to add more features and expand into new markets in Asia.… Read More

Apple Taps China Telecom As iCloud Storage Provider For Customers In China

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apple-store-china Apple has begun using Chinese servers to store Chinese user data, the company has confirmed in a statement to the Wall Street Journal. The new arrangement had been reported previously by 9to5Mac after they spotted a statement by the Fuzhuo City municipal government asserting that Apple had moved some of its iCloud data to China Telecom’s servers. In its statement about the shift, Apple… Read More

Pokémon Will Finally Come To The iPad, As A Virtual Card Game

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pokemon-ipad Pokémon, the game franchise that I love more than most real things in the actual world, is coming to the iPad. I would weep for joy were the news not watered down somewhat by the fact that the first game arriving on Apple’s devices isn’t the actual monster collection and battling game that makes up the core franchise, but is instead the Pokémon trading card game. Now I own… Read More

Google Buys Jetpac To Give Context To Visual Searches

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team_jetpac_in_vegas Google just acquired the team behind Jetpac, an app that utilizes public Instagram data to determine things like the happiest or drunkest city. Jetpac launched in 2012 as a social travel guide on iPad but later shifted focus to its Instagram-driven data on its iphone app, “Jetpac City Guides.” Google will most likely use the Jetpac team to improve search around location… Read More

FAA Bans Planesharing Startups

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IMG_3793.JPG There will be no “ZimRide for airplanes”, according to an FAA ruling released today that prohibits private pilots from publicly offering seats on their planes in exchange for gas money via startups like AirPooler and Flytenow. The decision strikes a blow to the sharing economy, and comes in response to AirPooler formally requesting a clarification of the gray area it was operating in. Read More

Essential gadgets while reporting on civil unrest

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We are giving away a Nomiku Sous Vide Immersion Circulator to a lucky Gadgets listener! To enter, subscribe to the podcast on iTunes then send an email to to let us know that you did. Deadline is August 20 at Noon PT. (If you’ve already subscribed to iTunes and emailed us about it, you are already in the running for this giveaway and subsequent giveaways.)

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In this episode, we talk to journalist Quinn Norton, who writes about digital rights, hacker culture, copyright, and the strangeness of the world and the complexity of the people who inhabit it for Medium and other outlets. She has covered the Occupy Wall Street movement and civil unrest around the world for Wired and other publications.

Mark’s pick:

StarTech Portable Wi-Fi Router ($36)
Portable travel router fits over iPad charger and works as a repeater or as an access point. Hotels are starting to charge per device, and this is a way to fight back.

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Image: “Policeman in riot control gear checking the equipment of another policeman. Lausanne” by Rama. licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 France license.

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