The Death of the iPod Classic

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Apple will no longer sell the iPod Classic. Mat Honan reflects on the end of a thing that was, itself, the end of something else.

I miss the time when we were still defined by our music. When our music was still our music. I miss being younger, with a head full subversive ideas; white cables snaking down my neck, stolen songs in my pocket. There will never be an app for that.

Information “wants to be rented.”

Etsy bans sale of merchandise with Redskins name and logo

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Etsy is banning its merchants from selling products that include the Washington Redskins’ name and logo, writing in a blog post this week that the decision was made because the team’s name is “disparaging and damaging to Native Americans.” Etsy has had a longstanding policy that prohibits many hateful or demeaning products from being sold on its marketplace, including hateful products referencing race, religion, and gender.

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Meticulous Machines

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Braverman-1H2A3185I figured I had a passable grasp on what it meant to bring a great product to life, but I was wrong. In the past, I’d often look at technical specifications on product pages without thinking about the challenges of actually achieving them on a repeatable basis. Have you ever thought about what it takes to get there, every single time? Neither had I.

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Microsoft revives its Xbox 360 with new blue console bundle

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Microsoft’s Xbox One console might have been on the market for nearly a year, but that’s not stopping the company from focusing on the Xbox 360. While the Xbox 360 has been available for nearly nine years, Microsoft has created a new blue edition for the holidays. It’s probably one of the best Xbox 360’s we’ve seen, with just color and no decorative images plastered over it.

It’s a special edition and appears to only be available at Walmart in the US, but for $249 you get a blue 500GB Xbox 360 with matching controller, a copy of Call of Duty: Ghosts and Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Microsoft also has an identical bundle with a black version of the console available at all retailers for the same $249 price, and a 4GB Kinect bundle along…

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I bought a thousand dollar phone at 3AM in my underpants — and I was not alone

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Last night I spent a lot of money at 3AM in my underpants. I was not alone.

The concept of waking up at a godforsaken hour to pre-order a new cell phone seemed normal yesterday. Or at least, normal-ish. I spent the evening triple-checking the sign-in credentials for my AT&T and Apple accounts, ensuring they wouldn’t fail me at the crucial moment of purchase. I made sure my mobile contract was due for an upgrade. I poured a glass of water and set it alongside my laptop, so I wouldn’t be thirsty.

At midnight, I set my alarm for 2:50AM, then went to sleep like a boy on Christmas Eve, slowly and stubbornly. But when my phone buzzed, it was clear this wasn’t a holiday. There was work to be done.

After a mental pep talk, I plucked sleep…

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Chase bank kept Apple Pay a secret by hiding it with a real apple

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One of Apple’s biggest announcements earlier this week was Apple Pay, a new system that allows owners of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to pay for stuff in the real world by holding their phones up to checkout readers (it uses NFC technology). Is Apple Pay as revolutionary as it seems? We won’t know for a while, obviously. What we do know right now, thanks to a ridiculous anecdote in The New York Times, is that executives at the bank JP Morgan Chase, one of Apple’s biggest initial partners in Apple Pay, were so intent on keeping the new system a secret, they came up with a kind of prop-based sign language for revealing it, using a real apple. You know, the fruit that grows on trees. As the Times explains:

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CStorePro Is Google Analytics For Convenience Stores

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CStorePro-Screenshots One of the more interesting startups spotted in this year’s Startup Alley at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2014 was CStorePro. The company, which likens its product to a “Google Analytics” for convenience stores, was a runner-up for the Audience’s Choice award – that is, the startup picked from the crowded tables filling the Alley, voted up as a favorite by the public. Read More

Motorola’s unlocked, unbranded Moto X will be called the ‘Pure Edition’

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I can think of many, many times where I’ve called the flavor of Android that ships on Nexus phones “pure Android,” and it looks like Motorola is taking a cue: its direct-sale, unbranded, unlocked Moto X will be called the Moto X Pure Edition when it ships. (The Moto X doesn’t actually use stock Android, per se, but it’s awfully close with a few tweaks — and the Pure Edition lacks the crapware and slower OS update schedule of the carrier-branded units.)

That “when” of the new Moto X is still an open question, though. The only guidance Motorola gave at its event was “later in September” — its website still shows “coming soon” without an option to buy or configure the 2014 model through Moto Maker, so the wait continues.

If the unbranded…

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This ship is a delivery drone for the open sea

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Amazon got the biggest headlines for its drone delivery plans, but it’s an idea that’s catching on across the shipping industry. At a nautical trade fair in Hamburg this week, the shipping research firm DNV GL revealed designs for a new electric vessel that would ferry cargo with zero crew members — roughly the nautical equivalent of Amazon’s automated delivery drones. Dubbed “ReVolt,” the concept ship is designed for short sea voyages, carrying up to 100 standard TEU containers at a relatively slow 6 knots. But because the ReVolt has no crew, it doesn’t need living quarters or safety equipment, resulting in a much more efficient trip between ports.

It’s still just a concept vessel, but vessels like the ReVolt could make a huge…

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GIF keyboards are coming to iOS 8 because Nicolas Cage GIFs are better than words

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Some things are better said with a GIF.

What a gorgeous day it is:


Damn, I dodged a bullet today on that exam:

This habanero hot sauce is threatening my life:

Fortunately for you, iOS 8 lets you install your own custom keyboards like PopKey, which lets you search for and paste in GIFs by keyword — and right inside your favorite messaging app. PopKey will include thousands of GIFs, but you will also be able to upload your own if you so choose. Note: iOS 8 automatically deletes old iMessages after a while, so you shouldn’t have to worry about year-old GIFs clogging up your iPhone’s storage like they currently do.

May the Cage be with you.

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Kobo Aura H2O Review: Weather Resistance And A Great Screen Combine For Ultimate E-Reading

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kobo-aura-h2o-4 Kobo has a new e-reader that it just introduced, and the device offers all your typical generational improvements, including faster page turning and a high-resolution display for crisp text. But it also brings a degree of waterproofing to the device, which means it’s better able to handle a trip to the beach, or a surprise rainstorm. All improvements taken together make the Kobo Aura H2O… Read More

Salesforce Pours $6M Into SF Schools, Computer Science Education

See the original posting on TechCrunch, one of the most visibly involved tech companies in San Francisco local politics and community, said it’s gifting $5 million to the city’s public schools and $1 million to for computer science education.
“We’re really doubling down on what we learned in our first year of creating digital classrooms and we’re really focusing on computer… Read More

Promise Pegasus2 M4 (4x1TB) Thunderbolt 2 DAS Review

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Typically multi-bay external storage devices tend to utilize 3.5" drives due to the lower cost and higher capacities. The downside, however, is that 3.5" drives are physically larger and heavier, which makes a multi-bay enclosure rather difficult to move around on a regular basis. To fix this, Promise is offering a 4-bay 2.5" RAID solution called the M4. Read on for our full review of this compact DAS.

The Hidden Cost Of Estimation

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“Why would you want a rough estimate, when I can do a more precise one?”

And really, if we can do something better, why do it half way?

There’s a simple answer, but I’ll give it after the long detailed one.

Let’s start by asking again:
Preview Text: 

“Why would you want a rough estimate, when I can do a more precise one?” And…

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