Olapic Turns Social Media Pins Into Store Portals On Pinterest

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Olapic Olapic, the social media aggregation and curation service for brands and stores, has launched a new service to turn images shared on platforms like Facebook or Instagram into store portals on Pinterest.
Using Olapic, brands can share linked photos on Pinterest that will bring a user back to a product page for the store, rather than the social media service from which the original image was… Read More

The Apple iPad Air 2 Review

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As we approach the holidays, Apple has launched a new iPad as expected. As one might expect from the name, the iPad Air 2 is more of an evolution of the original iPad Air than a clean-sheet design. This doesn’t mean that there’s little to talk about though, as Apple has gone a long way to improve every aspect of the iPad Air with this iteration. However, with this generation Apple seems to be under fire as Google attempts to push into the premium tablet space with the Nexus 9. To find out how the iPad Air 2 fares, read on for the full review.

The dark, vibrant art of Raccoon Nook

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“Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to be an artist of some sort,” says Andrés “Raccoon Nook” Rivera. “I also really wanted to be an astronaut.”

That combined passion for art and technology has led to Nook’s distinct artistic style, which works equally as well for illustrating punk robots as it does for ads for big companies. Growing up, Nook’s father was both an artist and a developer, which led Nook into the world of computer-based art. He’s done work for everyone from Ford…

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