GitHub’s new CEO: We’re serious about the enterprise

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GitHub is more than a cloud service based on Git, Linus Torvalds’ popular revision control system. It’s a cultural phenomenon that marks the ascent of a new generation of developers that, although closely associated with open source, displays equally intense allegiance to social coding and the agile development movement.

Arguably the center of the programming universe, GitHub currently boasts 6.8 million users and 15.2 million code repositories, more than double the respective numbers recorded two years ago, when the company attracted $100 million in venture capital from Andreessen Horowitz. The investment came shortly after GitHub’s release of an on-premises version of its software, GitHub Enterprise, for customers who prefer to keep their code inside the firewall.

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Samsung releasing a curved soundbar to match its curved TV

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If the living room is designed around the TV, what happens when the TV changes from a flat box to a curved one? Clearly, everything else is going to have to curve to accommodate it, and fortunately Samsung is ready to help out. Samsung is releasing a curved soundbar this week that’s designed to sit beneath and perfectly match any of its large, curved TVs. Called the HW-H7500 Curved Soundbar, it includes 8.1 channels is going on sale for $799.99. It’s actually kind of stylish, but you’ll probably have trouble finding other curved accessories to match. As far as soundbars go, Samsung says that this is the first one built with a curve.

Alongside the soundbar, Samsung is also introducing a small wireless speaker called the Shape M3,…

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Listen 2 Prince: two brand new songs now available for streaming

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A little over a year ago, Prince gave up his war on the internet and joined Twitter by way of his band 3rd Eye Girl. A few months later, he brought the Dave Chappelle basketball-and-pancakes sketch full circle. In March 2014, he joined Instagram. It was epic. That month he also released a duet with Zooey Deschanel, which premiered on New Girl after the Super Bowl.

Today, Prince has released two new aural sex experiences, which we call “songs” for lack of a better term. The first, “U Know,” is from his upcoming solo album Art Official Age. Listen to it above. The second, “Whitecaps,” is a more 3rd Eye Girl-centric track for their upcoming album Plectrumelectrum. Both albums are due out September 30th.

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Radiohead has released new music through their trippy app

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Radiohead have some new music out this week, but it isn’t on sale or available for download in any of the usual places. Instead, the band has updated their trippy PolyFauna app with a bunch of new sounds and visuals for the first time since its release back in February. The app was initially a companion to Radiohead’s 2011 album The King of Limbs, warping one of its tracks into an eerie soundtrack while listeners floated through strange landscapes on screen. That’s still the case here, except now the app stands a bit more on its own because it’s based around a standalone set of tunes. That may not be the case forever, though. Radiohead are planning to head into the studio this month, and this app could be a first taste of what those new…

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Real Estate Startup Zumper Launches Zapp, So Renters Can Apply For Apartments In-App

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ZUMPER Apartment listing startup Zumper has spent the last several years building apps to help connect brokers and property managers with prospective tenants and vice versa. Today it’s launching a new application called Zapp that will simplify the process of not just finding, but also applying for, their next apartment. Read More

‘The Wire’ is finally being remastered in HD, and it’s probably coming to HBO this week

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HBO’s The Wire, aka that show you’ve been saying for years you’ll watch because all your friends won’t shut up about it, is coming back. According to a promo video found by Polygon editor Arthur Gies (as noted by HBO Watch), a marathon of this series will be broadcasted on HBO Signature weeknights at 8PM starting September 4th, “remastered in for the first time in high definition.”

Although it initially aired in 4:3 standard definition, The Wire was reportedly shot with Panavision cameras in Super 35. A widescreen version of The Wire showed up briefly streaming on Amazon Prime — true widescreen, not cropped on the top and bottom — before returning to its former 4:3 aspect ratio.

Widescreen vs. 4:3; images via GoPackGo…

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The Next Tech Startup Ecosystem To Emerge — Iran

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iranstartups Amid the slightly chaotic world we live in these days, technology and the Internet marches on, like a great cloud moving across the Earth, unstoppable. This Cloud has no politics about where it goes. Sometimes it’s has issues here and there. But it just keeps rolling. And the latest country the Internet startup economy is emerging is: Iran. Now, a new TechCrunch-esque blog… Read More

Tocomail For Gmail Offers Parental Controls And Monitoring For Teens’ First Gmail Account

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IMG_0358 A company called Tocomail earlier this year launched a mobile application designed to be kids’ first email service, built with the parental controls and protections such an app would require, while allowing kids to write simple messages and send drawings to pre-approved family and friends. Now Tocomail is targeting a slightly older crowd with the debut of another app called Tocomail… Read More

Blogging History: Rue 21 tells 14yo she’s too big to shop there; Parisian mayors fight each other with road-signs; NYPD deploys LRAD against RNC protesters

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One year
Rue 21 tells 14-year-old shopper she’s “too big to be in this store”: “I walked in and the lady at the front counter said hey you’re too big to be in this store, I need you to leave.”

Five years
Mad Parisian mayors fight each other with road signs: The mayors of two Paris suburbs are so mad at each other that they made the D909 road one way in their districts, but one way in opposite directions.

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A Geek’s Nightmare

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Last night I woke up after a night mare. A nightmare containing a future, “improved” version of powershell a competing blogger and Entity Framework Migrations. Slightly off topic, but I’ll share it anyway.
Preview Text: 

Last night I woke up after a night mare. A nightmare containing a future, “improved” version of powershell a competing…

Hire talented people and get out of their way?

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Whenever I need inspiration for a blog post, I check my LinkedIn feed. I am bound to find a stupid inspirational quote. Today’s is:

In most cases being a good boss means hiring talented people and then getting out of their way.

This advice (hire smart, don’t micromanage) is so simplistic, it’s hardly worth saying. The profound stupidity is equating this with “being a good boss“.

Flow Is For Sissies

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Flow: Nice Work If You Can Get It

A number of years ago I worked with an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) team that was troubled with a large level of WIP (Work In Process) and slow movement of work through a system with many external dependencies. Work was regularly blocked waiting for unresponsive peers from the other companies. Work would languish in partially completed states and eventually…

Facebook’s Report Abuse button has become a tool of global oppression

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“All the army forces inside and outside the barracks, assemble,” the Facebook post reads. “Read our commands carefully before the raid.” A few lines later. “Don’t comment. Don’t curse. Just report them.”

It’s military talk, but they’re not soldiers. It’s a Facebook raid, conducted on July 12th against an independent Vietnamese news site called the Khmer Krom News. Below the post, dozens of comments weigh in with support: “Damn them, let’s finish them off,” and “I set up dozens of accounts for this =))”

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Google plans multiple Android Wear updates as Apple’s wearable looms

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Google’s first update to Android Wear is coming this week, and several more will follow it before the end of the year as Google moves to quickly iterate on its new wearable software platform. In an interview with CNET, two leading Android engineers lay out what we should expect to see in some future updates. This first one sounds as though it may not be much — just some navigation and voice control improvements — but a few useful features are coming down the road. That includes Google officially beginning to support custom watch faces from third-party developers: some developers have already figured out how to build them, but Google is working on a toolkit for developers that will allow watch faces to easily be made. Google previously t…

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