Open source Java projects: Spring Batch

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Implementing a batch process to handle gigabytes of data is a veritable tsunami of a task, but you can take it down a chunk with the help of Spring Batch. This popular Spring module has been engineered to handle the details of batch processing for all sorts of files. Get started with Spring Batch by building a simple job that imports products from a CSV file into a MySQL database, then explore the module’s batch processing capabilities with a single or multiple processors and one or more helpful tasklets. Finally, get a quick overview of Spring Batch’s resiliency tools for skipping records, retrying records, and restarting batch jobs.

If you’ve ever had to implement a batch process to pass hundreds of thousands of data elements between Java enterprise systems, then you know what a load of work that is. Your batch processing system needs to be able to handle huge amounts of data, handle the failure of individual records without crashing the entire process, and manage interruptions and restarts without having to re-do what’s already been done.

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