Netgear’s first Wi-Fi 6 routers look like sci-fi spaceships

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Nighthawk AX12

The next generation of Wi-Fi is starting to arrive, and Netgear is jumping in with its first two routers: the Nighthawk AX8 and Nighthawk AX12.

These are two very high-end routers, capable of theoretical speeds well beyond what most home internet connections can deliver. But their real standout feature is support for the next major Wi-Fi standard, 802.11ax — or what’s being newly branded as “Wi-Fi 6.”

Wi-Fi 6 doesn’t bring with it many incredible speed leaps or fancy consumer-facing features. But its speeds should be somewhat faster, and more importantly, it’s supposed to be better at dealing with a multitude of devices on a network at once, something that’s increasingly important as our homes fill with smart gadgets.

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