Name your price for these 10 essential tech training bundles

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Many tech entrepreneurs are self-starters. The secret is in knowing where and when to start. And if your career plan involves programming or IT skills, the answer might just be “right here, right now” – because these ten online course bundles aren’t just packed with training and insight into essential work platforms. They’re all priced on a “pay what you want” basis. That means any offer gets at least a partial course package, and beating the average price gets the entire thing. No matter what your specialty, there’s the potential for hundreds of dollars saved.

The Big Data eBook Bundle

No matter what the size of your database, this bundle will allow you to make the most of it. You’ll get overviews on how to funnel big data into artificial intelligence, plus specific lessons on how to use Python, MySQL, SAS and more for data analytics.

CompTIA CSIS Prep Bundle

This package gets you CompTIA certified in all the essential aspects of IT, giving you everything you need to set up, manage and protect the network infrastructure of any company.

Cisco Networking & Cloud Computing Certification Bundle

There’s a wealth of resources in this one – more than 100 hours of training to be exact. It’s everything you need to get you certified and confident as a cloud systems expert in Cisco, Microsoft Azure, and Windows Powershell.

The Epic Excel 2019 Mastery Bundle

Mastery in Excel means more than just being able to knock out some payroll spreadsheets. This bundle explores the popular platform’s full potential in automation and data analysis, but it kicks off with overviews suitable for any beginner. Read the rest