Must-Know Pros and Cons of JavaScript Diagram Editors

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Nowadays, the ability to work quickly and efficiently with large amounts of data has become a priority for the business world. Companies of different sizes and industry sectors actively apply various data visualization tools such as charts and diagrams in their projects to present complex data to the public in an informative and visually compelling way. Such tools are commonly implemented by developers in websites or web apps with the help of various open-source or commercial JavaScript libraries complemented with numerous helpful features.

But the thing is that not so many JS diagramming libraries offer online diagram editing tools, or simply Diagram Editors. Diagram editors allow end-users to promptly create different types of diagrams from scratch and edit them on the fly without coding. It is extremely important for businesses that work with frequently changing data. In this article, we will consider the pros and cons of four diagram editors that come with JavaScript libraries, take a closer look at their functional capabilities, and see how they benefit web developers and end-users.