Moto, Huawei Are Replacing the Android Keys With a Touchpad

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An anonymous reader shares an excerpt from a report written by Vlad Savov via The Verge: Huawei and Moto have both moved to a new type of home button, which isn’t really a button but rather just a touch-sensitive surface. So far, so familiar, but the novelty is that they’re now combining gestures and taps to turn the trio of Android shortcuts — Back, Home, and Recent Apps — into a one-button user interface. Huawei’s approach is one tap to go back, long press to go home, and a swipe to bring up the multitasking menu. Of course, this wouldn’t be Android without fragmentation, so Moto’s method is slightly different (swipe left to go back, right for multitasking, and a tap to go home), but having tried both of them, I can say that they’re improvements on the status quo and I’m glad the change is happening. For Android purists, this may all seem like an unnecessary distraction. Give me my familiar Android trio, it might be said, and leave me in peace. Which is fine and dandy, since both of the new phones, Huawei’s P10 and Moto’s G5, offer the option to bring the familiar software interface back.

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