Medal of Honor’s first VR spinoff falls apart when the shooting stops

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medal of honor above and beyond

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, the new VR-only title from Respawn Entertainment, can’t get by on authenticity alone. It has the weaponry and set dressing players have come to expect from a first-person shooter set during WWII. But for a console shooter making the jump to VR, it’s sorely lacking in intimacy — a necessary ingredient for any virtual reality experience.

The environments you’ll visit in the campaign range in size from an attic to the sprawling beaches of Normandy, France, but they rarely feel like real places. Outside of your main objective, there isn’t much else to get distracted by, which is often what I find to be the most fun thing about exploring worlds in VR. I want to turn dials on old radios to listen to music of…

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