Lil Mama’s follow-up to Lip Gloss is a safe-sex anthem called ‘Sausage’

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Everyone’s favorite extreme lip gloss bragger is making a comeback.

Lil Mama’s new song is about always using a condom, the message concealed inside a hearty breakfast metaphor. Lil Mama released the video for the single, simply called “Sausage,” yesterday, and let me tell you, it is a joy both to hear and behold.

In the middle, her sister receives an acceptance letter to Yale. (Congrats!) Later Lil Mama asks us to call her Betty Crocker because she’s “cakin’.” There’s a lot going on. Not only does she keep her shade-throwing playful (“It’s funny how I asked y’all years ago whatcha know about me, and you still don’t know”), she invites a bunch of 12-year-old girls to help her.

The premise of the video is an extended flash…

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