Let these robot vacuums do your cleaning for you

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Attention humans: The robots are taking over. The good news is, they’re taking over the household chores. Robot vacuums have come a long way in terms of technology in the last decade or two. Not only are they a huge time-saver, but some of them are also downright fun to watch. Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite deals on our favorite robo-cleaners.

ECOVACS DEEBOT 901 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner (Refurbished)

Not every home is the same, but the DEEBOT 901 has solutions for nearly any floor plan. You can draw cleaning maps and assign jobs from the ECOVACS app on your phone, or just direct the bot to clean by voice command and let its Smart Navi Mapping technology do the rest. Get a refurbished ECOVACS DEEBOT 901 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for $249.99, half off the retail price.

ECOVACS Deebot Robot Vacuum Cleaner & Canister Vacuum Station

When it comes to tidy floors, it’s OK to be a bit of a control freak sometimes. This cleaning duo includes ECOVAC’s flagship robot and its smart mapping features for vacuuming wide areas, but the charging station also has a standard canister vacuum for those tight areas that need a personal touch. Pick up the ECOVACS Deebot Robot Vacuum Cleaner & Canister Vacuum Station for $439.99, a full 44% off the list price.

iRobot Roomba 805 Robotic Vacuum (Certified Refurbished)

iRobot has had a long time to perfect their pioneering Roomba units, and it shows in this model. iAdapt Responsive Navigation lets it deftly navigate around or under obstacles and its Dirt Detect technology can actually seek out areas with a high concentration of dirt. Read the rest