Learning piano is as easy as ABC (DEFG) with this new approach

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Anyone can learn piano, but don’t tell that to the bored kids who had to endure hours of “Chopsticks” and similar drills in their music lessons. Today, there’s a better way. Pianoforall lets you jump right in to discover what makes music fun, leaving you eager to learn more.

In a simple but innovative approach, Pianoforall starts off by teaching you to play hits by the likes of Billy Joel and Norah Jones, but it doesn’t skimp on the fundamentals. Piano guru Robin Hall shows how these songs express the music theory fundamentals you’ll need to tackle more complex arrangements. In no time, you’ll be playing rock, blues, jazz, and classics, learning advanced techniques like arpeggios and chromatic scales along the way. You’ll also be able to read music and play by ear, all essential components that will allow you to compose your own songs.

It’s all contained in 10 hours of online courses and eBooks, accessible on a lifetime basis. Pick up Pianoforall: The New Way To Learn Piano & Keyboard for a discount price of $10.99 today. Read the rest