Learn how to utilize WordPress to its full potential with the help of these training classes

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The saying goes that everyone is looking to build a better mousetrap. In the case of Elementor, they decided to take a swing at WordPress, the platform used to build a third of the world’s websites, and make it better. Four years later, there are already three million sites using Elementor, a WP plug-in which brings an additional level of drag and drop easy to the WordPress environment. 

Elementor has opened up a whole new world to the tried and true WordPress procedure — and with the training in The Elementor and WordPress Master Class Certification Bundle, you can learn all the newest and most effective tactics for elevating a WordPress site into a truly special web experience.

The seven courses featured here not only go deep on Elementor but also offer specific guidance on using WordPress to craft some of the most frequently needed site types, so no matter what website template you need, you’ll have a leg up on getting it done and done well.

The Elementor Master Class 2020 gets the ball rolling as you learn how to build fantastic looking web pages without needing to know any code. The course lays out a full plan for using sections, columns and widgets to craft virtually any web page design, all without ever having to mess with any programming problems.

But Elementor is just the tip of the iceberg. If you need to Build a Full One Page Event Website with WordPress, you’ll get complete training in a plug-in called SiteOrigin to make it look stellar. Read the rest