JSON’s Crockford envisions a post-JavaScript world

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What lies ahead for programmers in a theoretical post-JavaScript world? Developer Douglas Crockford, best known for his work on JSON, believes the web development staple needs a successor that can fix multiple programming nuances.

Speaking at the recent Oracle Code conference in San Francisco, Crockford called JavaScript the most popular programming language in the world. But, he asked, what happens after JavaScript? Taking swipes at JavaScript and sometimes programming in general, Crockford covered a laundry list of what he would like to see in a future language, noting that “it would be sad if JavaScript turns out to be the last language.”

Crockford griped about systems clutter and confusion in programming, offering a litany of examples. As an example, he mentioned the ongoing disagreement among developers over whether to use tabs or spaces. “Get programmers together and ask, tabs or spaces, and they will have very strongly held opinions and no data to support those opinions,” he lamented. “So we spend a lot of time arguing and having problems interoperating.” He proposed getting rid of tabs as a solution.

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