JHipster links Java and JavaScript for Web development

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The JHipster application generator is enabling developers to blend their Java and JavaScript development skills on the same Web applications.

Reaching a 1.0.0 release milestone on September 1, the open source offering leverages a multitude of technologies, including the Angular.js JavaScript framework, the Spring Java framework, and the Yeoman scaffolding tool (JHipster serves as a Yeoman generator). The technology has been used for building business applications and games, says JHipster founder Julien Dubois, of Ippon Technologies, a consultancy specializing in Java.

With JHipster, Dubois set about to blend Angular.js and JavaScript on the client and Java on the back end via Spring. “They all work together out of the box,” he says. Other tools leveraged with Hipster include the Maven build tool for Java, Spring MVC REST, and Spring Data JPA, all on the server side.

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