It’s Thor vs. gun-toting hackers in this trailer for Michael Mann’s ‘Blackhat’

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After defeating Malekith in Svartalfheim (and while waiting for Tony Stark to “jumpstart a dormant peacekeeping program“), Asgardian thunder god Thor has returned to earth and assumed the identity “Chris Hemsworth” to pursue a career in theater.

Thor’s latest is Blackhat, a global thriller written and directed by Michael Mann (Heat, Miami Vice). Thor will portray a super-muscular-convicted-hacker-turned-gun-toting-hero who teams up with both American and Chinese forces in order to stop a a group of dangerous gun-toting cybercriminals. How high are the stakes? Some quotes from the trailer:

  • “This is only the beginning”
  • “If you get discovered, you’re dead meat.”
  • “This isn’t about money. This isn’t about politics. I can target anyone….

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