It doesn’t matter what the new Moto X looks like

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This month, we’ve said a premature “Hello, Moto!” to the new flagship phone from Motorola, 2015’s Moto X. Since all we can glean from a few still images are cosmetic differences, that’s what’s being talked about now, however aesthetics won’t be the thing that determines the quality of the new Moto X. Motorola knows how to build good phones, but to make them great, it needs to start putting better cameras in them — because what a phone sees is more important than what it looks like.

The 2014 Moto X is already a very capable device. Hell, even the 2013 Moto X is still perfectly usable. Both have earned plaudits for their restrained implementation of near-stock Android, which has helped Motorola deliver reliably speedy software updates….

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