Introducing Streamlit Components

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In the ten months since Streamlit was released, the community has created over 250,000 apps for everything from analyzing soccer games to measuring organoids, and from COVID-19 tracking to zero-shot topic classification. Inspired by your creativity, we added file uploaders, color pickers, date ranges, and other features. But as the complexity of serving the community grew, we realized that we needed a more scalable way to grow Streamlit’s functionality. So we’re turning to Streamlit’s best source of ideas: you!

Today, we are excited to announce Streamlit Components, the culmination of a multi-month project to enable the Streamlit community to create and share bits of functionality. Starting in Streamlit version 0.63, you can tap into the component ecosystems of React, Vue, and other frameworks. Create new widgets with custom styles and behaviors or add new visualizations and charting types. The possibilities are endless!