Integrating Twilio Into My SaaS Solution In Heroku

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In the "Using Heroku to Quickly Build a Multi-Tenant SaaS Product" article, I documented the foundation for a new SaaS solution that I am building (initially for my sister-in-law) — utilizing the Heroku ecosystem. At the end of that article, I had planned to write about the core technologies (Spring Boot, Angular 9, ClearDB, Okta, GitLab and Heroku) in place, as we raced for the 1.0.0 release of the solution.

However, things have been moving fast around here, and I largely attribute the speed of development and end-user adoption to everything that Heroku brings to the table for this service. As I have noted before, using Heroku as the destination for my service and GitLab’s built-in CI/CD pipelines — updates that are merged from a feature branch into the master branch of the client or service are automatically deployed into production (Heroku) without any further intervention.