Instagram creators were promised a $500 sponsorship but ended up with $40 face scrubbers

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Photo by Lauren Clitheroe

All of the women tell the same story of how they were scammed. A company called The SkinGlo emailed them with a tempting deal: it was looking for content to fill its Instagram feed, and its team had chosen them to help. In exchange for five photos of them using The SkinGlo’s electric face scrubber — even photos taken just from their phones — they’d receive €450, or about $525 USD. They could even watermark the images and only send over a clean file once they got paid. It seemed like a good deal.

There was one small catch, though. The women would have to buy the company’s face scrubber themselves, with a 50 percent off discount code, bringing the total to €40, or about $48.

Although that stipulation was slightly odd, the company still…

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