Implementing the Repository Pattern Using C# and Entity Developer in ASP.NET Core

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The Repository Pattern is one of the most popular design patterns used for abstracting how data is eventually persisted in the database or retrieved from the database. The basic objective of the Repository Pattern is to help you decouple the data access and business logic layers of an application. This article talks about how we can implement the repository pattern in C# and take advantage of Entity Developer to talk to the database.

Why Should We Use an ORM?

An ORM is an acronym for Object Relational Mapper – it is used to map your domain objects to the objects in the relational model. In other words, it is used to map data between incompatible type systems. Entity Developer from Devart is an ORM designer tool that lets you design your data access layer visually. It sits on top of ADO.NET and simplifies the way you work with data.