Implementing OTP in PHP Using Twilio

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Verifying a phone number using OTP (One Time Password) is a sure fire way to reduce spam coming to your website. In this article, we will discuss this topic in detail. We will be learning how we can set up our PHP code to send the OTP to mobile numbers and hence verify the user. We will be using Twilio as a third-party service to send the messages containing One Time Passwords (OTPs).

Table of Contents

  • 1. Prerequisites
  • 2. Configuring Twilio
  • 3. Workflow
  • 4. Actual Code
  • 5. Database Schema
  • 6. Code base and steps to run


Configuring Twilio

Actually, Twilio is a third-party tool which can be used to send text messages, IVR, and much more. There are many alternatives to Twilio but due to its seamless integration and a bit of my personal choice, we’ll be using Twilio here in our article. Although Twilio is a paid tool, we can use a "free version" of it which, of course, has certain limitations but will suffice for our purposes.