Iconic NYC subway design guide from the ’70s is being reprinted thanks to Kickstarter campaign

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Massimo Vignelli, the design mastermind behind New York City’s subway map (among many other things) passed away earlier this year, but one of his most timeless pieces of work is coming back thanks to a Kickstarter campaign. As noted by FastCo Design, the official 1970 MTA Graphics Standards manual is now being reprinted as a full-sized hardback book.

The original 1970 guide was created by Vignelli and Bob Noorda and was a huge help in cleaning up the confusing subway system — there were no design guidelines, so it wasn’t uncommon for different stations to have totally different signs, with some even being handwritten. The design guide helped standardize the MTA’s style and make it much simpler for commuters and tourists to get around….

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