I bought a thousand dollar phone at 3AM in my underpants — and I was not alone

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Last night I spent a lot of money at 3AM in my underpants. I was not alone.

The concept of waking up at a godforsaken hour to pre-order a new cell phone seemed normal yesterday. Or at least, normal-ish. I spent the evening triple-checking the sign-in credentials for my AT&T and Apple accounts, ensuring they wouldn’t fail me at the crucial moment of purchase. I made sure my mobile contract was due for an upgrade. I poured a glass of water and set it alongside my laptop, so I wouldn’t be thirsty.

At midnight, I set my alarm for 2:50AM, then went to sleep like a boy on Christmas Eve, slowly and stubbornly. But when my phone buzzed, it was clear this wasn’t a holiday. There was work to be done.

After a mental pep talk, I plucked sleep…

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