Humans are still fighting with longswords, it’s just a little safer now

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The New York Times produced a short documentary on a form of competitive sword fighting that uses longswords instead of fencing swords. The short was filmed at Longpoint 2014 in July. The annual European Martial Arts tournament takes place on Ellicott City, Maryland, and its events include Open Steel Longsword, Open Steel Messer, Single Stick and Ringen, a type of unarmed combat.

From the New York Times:

“The longsword specifically is just very accessible,” said [Axel] Pettersson, a management consultant from Gothenburg, Sweden, “because that is what the old masters wrote about the most. It was called the ‘queen of weapons’ in the old days.”

Unlike re-enactors or role players, who don theatrical costumes and medieval-style armor,…

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