Heroku and Salesforce: From Idea to App (Part 1)

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As someone who became a Salesforce developer by accident 10 years ago and parlayed that into a career and business, I’m fully aware of the dividends that investing in continuous learning and brushing up on the latest in my industry can yield.  Even after years of working in the Salesforce ecosystem, earning 11 certifications, and going through several hundred different projects, I’ve found it’s difficult to make the time to keep up with all the new tools and features of modern development (and usually I have the TrailheaDX and Dreamforce conferences each year to get caught up!).  

Due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions, in-person conferences are canceled. However, a new video series piqued my interest. In particular, two Salesforce Developer Advocates, Mohith Shrivastava and Julián Duque, are doing a series on Modern App Development on Heroku/Salesforce.