Harmony remotes are fading in relevance as streaming takes over, says Logitech CEO

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Logitech Harmony Elite TIMN

Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

Logitech’s Harmony universal remotes were once a living room must-have. They brought order to TV setups everywhere by communicating with your cable box, game consoles, streaming devices, and everything else, and more recent Harmony remotes could control smart home devices as well.

But as the world moves to streaming services, the number of TV devices you need to control is shrinking. Everything might already be built into your smart TV already, or you might just have one streaming box. Voice commands make getting to your favorite Netflix or Prime Video show much faster as Alexa and Google Assistant get better at controlling TVs. In fact, Logitech’s most recent Harmony remote actually has Amazon Alexa built right in, which is as direct…

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