Google wants to make its products more human

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Off the heels of Google’s event announcing the Pixel 3, Pixel Slate, and Home Hub, Nilay sat down with Ivy Ross (Google’s VP of hardware design) and Rishi Chandra (Google’s VP of Home and Nest) for this week’s Vergecast interview. The three discussed the evolving and increasingly human design language of Google products, the future of devices like the Home Hub in a world that demands privacy, and — yes — the infamous Pixel 3 notch.

Below is a brief, edited transcript of their conversation about Google’s hardware design philosophy.

Nilay Patel: You said “what is it like to hold Google in your hands?” So, what unites that entire portfolio for you? What are the ideals you’re pushing forward?

Ivy Ross: Yeah, so we really use three words to…

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