Google Go’s popularity doesn’t translate to the enterprise

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Go developers have found plenty of uses for Google’s open source language both at work and at home, results of a recent poll by The Go Project reveals. But the language still has some work to do to gain a stronger foothold in businesses.

“[Survey respondents] agree that they would recommend Go to others by a ratio of 19:1, that they’d prefer to use Go for their next project (14:1), and that Go is working well for their teams (18:1),” a report accompanying the survey said. But fewer users agree that Go is critical to their company’s success (2.5:1).

When asked what they like most about language, users most commonly mentioned Go’s simplicity, ease of use, concurrency features, and performance. Asked what changes would most improve Go, users mentioned generics, package versioning, dependency management, GUIs, debugging, and error-handling.

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