Getting Started With React

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In this blog we are going to explore how we can get started with React. React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. We will explain how you can have a flying start with React and share our experiences.

1. Introduction

The first question we need to ask ourselves is why we should invest in learning React anyway. Well, React is gaining popularity and is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks at the moment according to several surveys and reports. Besides that, it is always a good investment of your time to regularly learn new languages, frameworks. The more you get acquainted with different technologies, different programming languages, different frameworks, etc., the easier it will be to learn new things. You will get better and faster in learning and this is probably one of the most valuable skills you will need when you are working in sofware development. Maybe you consider yourself as a backend developer only, but even then it is wise to take a look at technologies which may seem to be out of your scope initially. It will broaden your overall view of software development and you will become a more T-shaped professional. Enough introduction for now, let’s get started with React!