Future Man season 2 is brilliant

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Season two of Future Man continues the hilarity while focusing more on your favorite characters.

The first season of Future Man was a ridiculous comedy designed to feed lovers of science fiction nostalgia. I had hopes that Season 2 would be as good, but recent trends in television had me doubting. I enjoyed the first season so much I was actually reluctant to put this show on. I had nothing to worry about. Season 2 is wonderful.

The first season of Future Man told the story of Josh Futterman saving the future. Josh and his allies from the Future, Tiger and Wolf, commit a heinous act of terrorism to destroy that which turns the future into an awful dystopia. Season 2 picks up where they left off with individual episodes focused on each character. The deep character building sets up a season more focused on their decision-making and growth, rather than simply stopping the evil from taking over the future.

Insanely absurd takes on time travel, paradox, and gourmet cooking punctuate the storyline. Future Man continues to take irreverent pokes at favorite science fiction and fantasy themes, tropes and actual stories. Where season 1 seemed to be running a race to drop silly references to old movies, season 2 tries to be more subtle but no less dedicated.

The actors work just as hard as the writers on Future Man. Josh Hutcherson, Eliza Coupe and Derek Wilson all shine. Each masterfully plays various versions of their characters, frequently playing off themselves, like Patty Duke talking to her ‘cousin.’

The story is wonderful, the jokes come fast and hilarious, and the actors deserve awards. Read the rest