For triggers, gates, clocks, and sociopaths alike, “Master/Slave” faces retirement

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Hello, everyone – Welcome back. Part of this week’s show is on language. One great result of the recent protests is a reassessment of some of our worst phrases. “Master/Slave” is an ugly one, with a direct path to some of the world’s most terrible history. Unfortunately, it’s largely adopted into electronics as an example of one device maintaining control over countless other devices. It’s been suggested a better phrase might be Leader/Follower, and in that way you realize “Master/Slave” also describes politics, too.

As language is finally being addressed on this shameful history of semantics, I offer one final discussion on “Master/Slave” as an EXPLANATION for how people are still following and supporting Trump. Electronic control can be their only defense. In sympathy, I call for us all to love Trump Supporters and seek to emancipate them from this mental prison.

Mind Control is an interesting subject. There’s been an ongoing effort to control minds with technology, and some consider this to be happening right now. Today’s episode discusses triggers in drum machines as an explanation for how Trump’s very sharp signal clock controls his followers. He’s a perfect drum sequencer. He keeps his messages monosyllabic and sharp. That’s the best signal for opening up a drum to follow a controller. And the term for this in synthesis is, regrettably, “Master/Slave”, in that the Master is the sequencer and the slave is the follower. Read the rest