Finally, skincare for men that isn’t complicated

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Between work, family obligations, and just getting to bed at a decent hour, we all have a lot on our plates these days. So, it’s easy for things like grooming and skincare to never be a high-priority issue.

That is until they become a high priority issue. Like when your face constantly breaks out. Or when it dries out and flakes or cracks like the desert. Or when everyone you know asks why you look so tired or pale or just generally awful lately.

Eventually, self-realization happens, and that’s when we finally head over to the skincare aisle, where we are promptly overwhelmed by all the creams, washes, and masks that we can’t hope to make heads or tails of.

To cut through all that noise, Geologie has tried to boil basic men’s skincare down to easy to follow essentials. Because let’s face it: No one has the time or energy to figure out what the heck retinol and niacinamide are.

Geologie is men’s skincare reinvented and utterly simplified. When you go to the Geologie website, you take a quick 30-second diagnostic quiz about your skincare trouble areas. From there, Geologie whips up a customized four-step regimen that specifically addresses your skin and your priorities, then ships a 30-day trial supply right to your door for $37.

All the Geologie products are built to be powerful, effective, and simple with clinically-proven active ingredients that get you results.

Each morning, spend 60 seconds using the Everyday Face Wash to rinse away dead skin cells, then clean up with a blast of the Vital Morning Face Cream moisturizer-slash-SPF.  Read the rest