Everyone’s First Steps in Web Development

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Web development is a big thing nowadays and will remain so for quite some time. Web development is the field of writing applications that can be run and accessed via the web browser. The web development field had gone (and is going every day!) through tremendous changes. From the very first days of the internet and to our present days, web technology advances in huge steps, making state of the art technologies obsolete, creating new technologies almost on a monthly basis, and attracting more and more developers, companies, and industries to web development.

What Is Web Development Really?

In web development, we build web applications. A web application is an application that is rendered on the browser and accessed by the user through the browser. Simply put, when you order tickets to a movie in your hometown theater, when you check your bank account balance, when you write a post on Facebook, or update your resume on LinkedIn, all of these and more are examples of web applications. You open a web browser, go to a specific URL, and get a full working application. Today you can even find sophisticated applications on the web, like sound and video editing applications, drawing, recording, gaming, word processing, you name it. They’re all on the web, and all are accessed via the browser.