Entity Framework for Angular (kind of)

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When you just want to learn how to create Angular apps, creating an HTTP REST backend, with authentication and authorisation, and wrapping your URLs into an HttpClient can, sometimes feel like baggage – Still it’s necessary to learn Angular. I’ve therefor created a scaffolder for this process in Magic, that allows you to literally click a button to create your backend, wrapping your database with CRUD operations, for then to click another button, and get a zip file containing an Angular project – Which wraps every single CRUD operation towards every single database table in your backend, into an automatically generated Angular HttpClient Service layer for you. If you download version 8.3.1 of Magic, you will find a new template, not producing any UX at all, only HTTP methods.

After having setup Magic, literally the process of wrapping an existing database, is no more than 5 seconds in total. If you run it towards for instance the Sakila database published by Oracle, Magic will generate an HttpClient service layer resembling the following for you automatically.