ECS LIVA Z2 and Intel June Canyon NUC7PJYH Gemini Lake UCFF PCs Review

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Small form-factor PCs have become a major growth segment over the last decade. On one hand, we have UCFF (ultra-compact form-factor) PCs revolutionize the desktop PC market. On the other hand, they have had an impact on the embedded and industrial market segment also. Intel has two different CPU architectures – the Core used in the premium market, and the Atom used for the entry-level. The pricing of Atom-based SoCs make it an attractive proposition for economical desktop PCs as well as industrial motherboards and systems. Atom-based SoCs are long-life products, with Gemini Lake being the most recent SoC family in that product line. Today, we take a look at two contrasting Gemini Lake UCFF PCs – the fanless ECS LIVA Z2 and the actively cooled Intel NUC7PJYH.