E3: Final Fantasy VII Remake, New GPUs, and Nostalgia Galore

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After a less-than-excepted E3 weekend, Monday seemed to be heading in the same direction until Square Enix took the stage at night and stole the show with Final Fantasy VII Remake. Square also put Marvel’s Avengers on display and made some surprising announcements, including a shadow drop. Although not as impactful, Ubisoft also took the stage on Monday, showcasing Watch Dogs Legends, other known titles, and a new and interesting mythology-inspired game. Limited Run Games also had its presentation, dropping a ton of Star Wars titles and finishing out its PlayStation (PS) Vita collection. Apart from game announcements, AMD also announced new graphics cards intended to compete with NVIDIA’s RTX 2070 and 2060 line of cards.

Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII Remake. If there is one title to remember from Square Enix’s presentation on Monday night, it’s this one. Square secured its position as the top presentation of the day—and possibly E3 2019 depending on how Nintendo’s Tuesday Direct goes—with its 20-minute feature of Final Fantasy VII Remake, most of which was gameplay. The game was originally announced in 2015, but since then, fans have patiently waited, hoping that the years of anticipation were worth it. It is safe to say that most were not disappointed with the footage shown at Square’s presentation (image from Slash Gear).