Dr Disrespect is writing a memoir, and here’s hoping for mullet tips

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Photo Illustration by Alex Castro | Photography by Bobby Quillard

Surely you know Dr Disrespect: the mustached, mullet-wearing streamer who also happens to be the “most famous, dominant gamer in the history of the world.” Perhaps you also want to know how he grew his sick mullet and stache? Well, soon you can: he’s writing a memoir.

Image: Gallery Books

Here’s what the cover looks like for Dr Disrespect’s memoir.

Violence. Speed. Momentum. will arrive on March 30th, 2021. The book is said to include thoughts from Doc about what it’s like being the greatest gamer in history, while also sharing “never-before-told stories” about his career as a streamer. Most importantly, Doc will finally have the opportunity to tell us how, at a young but obviously still mustachioed age, he…

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