Does a Hamburger Menu Belong in a WinForms App?

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User interfaces are constantly evolving in a bid to make every user of an application a power user. We build applications with lots of great features and capabilities and we want these to be readily available and easily accessible to the end user.

Is it Familiar or Intuitive?

When I use a piece of software there are usually three different kinds of UIs I encounter. First are the interactions I am already familiar with from other apps, such as a menu at the top, or a ribbon bar, or a multiple document interface. Second come the new things that are very intuitive as to how they are supposed to be used. This is what we usually refer to as awesome UI/UX — it’s something I’m not familiar with but at the same time something that I seem to know how to use. Once such thing for me was radial menus. Although they have not gained much traction, I immediately felt comfortable using one right from the word go. The third kind are things hidden somewhere in the application that are sometimes impossible to find without external help, e.g. a functionality that has a shortcut but no other way of accessing it.