Disney’s new hopping robot is just super excited to meet you

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Disney’s research lab publishes a lot of fascinating work, but it’s not always obvious what their end-goal is. In this case, though, we can safely say: Disney is building a Tigger.

They’re calling it a single-legged hopping robot, but it’s impossible that the company wouldn’t try and develop it into a bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy Tigger-bot. Think Sphero’s rolling BB-8 toy, but more likely to cause substantial damage to your home and pets.

Up and down we go. (Image credit: Disney)

The robot is built around a central voice coil actuator (yep, the same thing that moves in and out in speakers), and a pair of springs to give it extra bounce. A flat platform on the top of this houses the batteries, sensors, and…

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