Deploying an Angular 2 App Using a .NET Core 1.1 Web API and MongoDB With Docker Containers

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What’s up guys, Eze here. Again, those who follow me on Twitter (if you are not a follower you better do it now @skielo) already know I’ve been working on an app to show you how to create an Angular 2 app using a, ASP.NET Core 1.1 Web API with a MongoDB database and using all those components in different Docker containers. Today I want to show you how easy is to get up and running an Angular 2 app and connect it to ASP.NET Core 1.1 Web API to retrieve data from a MongoDB database. Sounds amazing, right? Well this will be the first out of a series of posts where we are going to find out more about those tools

The Front-End Skeleton

First, we need to build the front-end and the backend for our app. As I already told you, the front-end will be an Angular 2 app. To create it we are going to use the Angular CLI tool. There is nothing new here, and you can follow the steps I already wrote here. The only difference is this time we are creating a server.js file which will be our entry point in the Docker container.