Data Streaming in OSGi R7 applications With OSGi R7 Push Stream and Server Sent Events

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Providing users of your application with feedback regarding long running operations used to require utilizing pull based solutions such as polling. In modern web applications, however, utilizing push based data streaming solutions to provide such feedback is the norm. But what options do we have if we’re building modern cloud native OSGi applications and we wish to implement such monitoring solutions?

In this article, I will show you how implementations of some of the latest OSGi specifications — i.e. OSGI R7 Push Stream, OSGi R7 HTTP Whiteboard, and OSGi R7 JAX-RS Whiteboard — can be applied, along with Server Sent Events, to implement such push based data streaming solutions. So, instead of having a background JavaScript worker slamming the server with requests for status every few seconds, we’ll have the server push data updates and have them displayed onto our GUI.