‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Players Are Fixing Parts of the Game Before CD Projekt

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Cyberpunk 2077 is here in all its glory and pain. On some machines, it’s a visual spectacle pushing the limits of current technology and delivering on the promise of Deus Ex, but open world. On other machines, including last-gen consoles, it’s a unoptimized and barely playable nightmare. Developer CD Projekt Red has said it’s working to improve the game, but fans already have a number of fixes, particularly if you’re using an AMD CPU. From a report: Fans aren’t waiting for the developer however and over the weekend AMD CPU users discovered that a few small tweaks could improve performance on their PCs. Some players reported performance gains of as much as 60 percent. Cyberpunk 2077 seems to be a CPU intensive game and, at release, it isn’t properly optimized for AMD chips. “If you run the game on an AMD CPU and check your usage in task manager, it seems to utilise 4 (logical, 2 physical) cores in frequent bursts up to 100% usage, whereas the rest of the physical cores sit around 40-60%, and their logical counterparts remain idle,” Redditor BramblexD explained in a post on the /r/AMD subreddit. Basically, Cyberpunk 2077 is only utilizing a portion of any AMD chips power.

Digital Foundry, a YouTube channel that does in-depth technical analysis of video games, noticed the AMD issue as well. “It really looks like Cyberpunk is not properly using the hyperthreads on Ryzen CPUs,” Digital Foundry said in a recent video. To fix this issue, the community has developed three separate solutions. One involves altering the game’s executable with a hex editor, the other involves editing a config file, and a third is an unofficial patch built by the community. All three do the same thing — unleash the power of AMDs processors. “Holy shit are you a wizard or something? The game is finally playable now!” One redditor said of the hex editing technique. “With this tweak my CPU usage went from 50% to ~75% and my frametime is so much more stable now.”

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