Facebook tests Forecast, an app for making predictions about world events, like COVID-19

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Forecast, a new project from Facebook’s internal R&D group, NPE Team, is launching today to build a community around predictions. The iOS app will allow users to ask questions and then use in-app points to make predictions about what might happen in the future. Users can also create, discuss and view these crowdsourced predictions. At […]

The Apple Watch can soon track sleep

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Apple just announced a long-requested feature to the Apple Watch. Sleep Tracking. With this new feature, users can not only track sleep but create what Apple says is a holistic approach to improving sleep. The sleep tracking function works in conjunction with an iPhone to help a person create a better sleep routine. This feature […]

Google adds contextual fact-checking for some image search results

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Acknowledging the role that misleadingly edited or out-of-context images play in seeding the internet with misinformation, Google is introducing fact-checking labels for some Google image searches. The feature, available starting today, provides a few lines of context with select searches, drawing on services provided by third-party fact-checkers. The tool is powered by publishers themselves, who […]

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